HAIZE is minimalist navigation for urban cyclists.
It is designed focusing on high quality materials, style and simplicity. 

HAIZE works like a magic compass that, instead of pointing north, points to the destination you set in our app. HAIZE leaves you free to choose your own route through the city. It also makes your ride safer by letting you keep your phone in your pocket. If you feel like sticking to the main roads HAIZE also offers turn-by-turn navigation.  

  • 2 navigation modes: “turn-by-turn mode” and “compass mode”
  • Self-regulating LED display for perfect day and night-time visibility
  • Sturdy and high-quality materials
  • Can be used on any bike
  • Wristband to use HAIZE while running, hiking or geo-caching




    HAIZE is easy to use. 

    Simply attach it to your bike, set the destination in our companion app, put your phone away and let HAIZE guide you. Its simple LED-based display will point you in the right direction and let you know the distance to your destination.
    You can select between two different modes of navigation. The compass mode points you in the direction of your final destination and lets you explore along the way. The navigation mode sets a specific route and gives you turn-by-turn directions.


    HAIZE is stripped down to the essence, both the led-based display and the aluminium body combine simplicity with usability.

    HAIZE is made out of aeronautic-grade sandblasted aluminium and shockproof glass. A tested and durable combination that stands out from the first moment.

    To know a direction you don't need to get distracted processing numbers or symbols on a screen. The HAIZE led-display gives you all the information you need at a glance; direction and distance in a simple and intuitive way. HAIZE lets you focus on the road and explore the city.

    If you are interested in additional details about your trip, you can check them in the app. There you will find stats about your trips and saved routes.  

     HAIZE automatically regulates the brightness of the LEDs to work perfectly under any light condition. It will help you navigate the city no matter what time of the day!

    The elastic band integrated in the HAIZE body allows you to easily attach it on any bike and keep HAIZE comfortably in your pocket when leaving your bike on the street.  
    And it always stays in place!
    HAIZE was originally designed for urban cycling. But many of our backers wanted to use it in other situations.
    That is why we decided to give every backer a wristband to bring HAIZE along to any activity. Be it for hiking, running, or geo-caching. And of course finding your way back to last years perfect mushroom spot.


    HAIZE will be able to guide you to the best spots while wandering freely. And you can be confident about getting back to the basecamp no matter how many turns you make.

    The HAIZE wristband is made from high quality silicone and fits perfectly around the aluminum case, allowing you to take HAIZE everywhere.


    • The magnetometer tracks the  direction to the destination 
    • The accelerometer and gyroscope are used to determine HAIZEs position 
    • The light sensor is used to regulate the LED brightness to accommodate different lighting conditions
    • The battery with 300mAh delivers 2 weeks of normal usage and can be easily recharged using a micro usb connection
    • HAIZE is connected to our app via a low power bluetooth 4.0 connection

    As you can see there is a lot of technology packed into HAIZE. We will be using this technology to keep delivering additional functionality once HAIZE has been shipped. See more about this in the future features section. 

    HAIZE is currently in the final stages of development. We began testing the concept with a prototype app and our phone strapped to our handle bars. This showed us two things: 

    • The compass navigation concept works very well for cycling the city
    • Attaching your phone to the handlebar is far from a good idea…

    We set out to find an answer to the question: "How can we re-invent the compass to give us a better navigation experience?" And so we spent dozens of hours testing and developing the most intuitive way to give cyclists easy to read navigation information.

     In parallel we also began the product and electronic design process.

    It took us six prototypes, the first one made from silicone and just 8 LEDs, to arrive at our current design made from aluminium and utilizing 23 LEDs.

    Now we are really happy with the look and feel of the device and have a patent pending for our technology. 

    In short: We are almost ready to get HAIZE out on the road.

    We believe in cycling as the future of urban transportation! 

    Cycling is the best way to solve many of the problems that humans in big cities experience - be it pollution, a dreadful commute or too little physical activity.  

    That is why we want to make our contribution to getting more people in the saddle, by making cycling safer, more convenient and also even more fun.

    Valuing transparency and collaboration, we will provide an open version of our app, hardware and firmware for educational purposes.

    We are super enthusiastic about all the exciting things that you will be using HAIZE for and are constantly thinking about new and innovative use cases.

    Here are some of the features that we are considering adding once HAIZE has been released. They all utilize the hardware which is already included in the device.

    App features:

    • Activity Tracking. Track where and how long have you being riding, how fast and how many calories you consumed in your commuting.
    • Find your Friends. Imagine that you arrive at a crowded festival, where finding anything can be a mission. Let HAIZE point directly to where your friends are, even if they are moving around.
    • Route Downloads. Want to keep track of how far you ride or figure out exactly what that cool building was you saw en route? Just download your route and trip data.
    • Notifications for Messages and Calls. If you want, HAIZE can let you know when you are receiving a call or message.
    • Accident Watchdog. HAIZE can detect an accident and will automatically notify your emergency contact.