Tutorial: How does Haize work?

Beginning to use Haize

First of all, please charge Haize using a micro USB until the blue animation disappears. Please plug it directly to a charger, and not to a laptop. Connecting Haize to a laptop just restarts the device.

Once Haize is charged, please go through the onboarding in the app. Or just calibrate it following the next steps!


Calibrating Haize

The calibration is one of the most important steps to use Haize.

Please remember that you need to calibrate it outside.




Turning Haize on.

First of all, you will need to turn Haize on double tapping on it and then connecting it to the app.

Please, look at this video on how to turn Haize on.

When Haize turns on, it is the moment to link it to the app and set the destination.

What do the colours mean when Haize just turns on?

When you first double tap Haize, before it connects to the app. The central LED can flash in blue or red.

If it flashes in red:   

It is sensing magnetic disturbance or it is not calibrated

If it flashes in blue:

Everything is good. There is not magnetic disturbance.

Why is this relevant?

By knowing if there is magnetic disturbance, it will help us debug Haize if there are issues with it pointing to the right direction.


Haize doesn´t point to the right place!

First thing to try:

Please, first try calibrating it outdoors. Please see the video in the previous step showing how could it be done.

Second thing to try:

Are you turning it on (double tap) when it is already in the bike? Please, try turning on haize in your hand, and attach it to the bike afterwards.

Some bikes can mess with the sensors, so this can solve the problem. In the next iteration of the packaging, we will request to always turn on Haize in the hand, and then place it in the bike.

This may sort the problem if it is the bike what causes the disturbance.

If after calibrating Haize keeps on not working, please use this questionnaire. It will help us find a solution.


The double tap doesn´t work

Here you have an example of the ideal way to double tap on it.

Please let us know if you still have issues.


The battery indicator doesn´t go higher than 78%

This is an issue with the firmware, and it will be solved in the next upgrade of the software.

How can I know when it is fully charged?

While it is charging, Haize leds are turned on and dimmed, and they will turn off when the battery is full.

Can I restart Haize?

Yes! We included a “security check”. In order to do it, you need to connect Haize to a computer.

Then, once the animation of restart has finished, and all the leds have gone off, disconnect it.

But be aware that in some computers Haize only restarts after disconnecting it from the cable.

Here is a little video where you can see how the restart happens. 



What do the lights mean when I am riding?

When Haize senses you are getting closer to you destination, it flashes in Green.

When Haize senses that you are not moving, it flashes in Blue.

When you are getting further from your destination, Haize flashes in Red.

The speed of the flashing indicates the distance to your destination. It is just a hint, to keep you focused in the world around you.


Can I turn Haize off?

If you have Android, you can press the button of connection and it will disconnect. After disconnecting, Haize will go to sleep mode in 30 seconds.

In iOS, you need to close the app if you want to completely disconnect, as it is designed to keep the connection.


Where is the turn by turn?

This option is not yet available in the app, we are working in getting it ready!


If this doesn´t answer your questions, please write your problem in the Haize Forum.


This will help us to keep track of what needs to be improved and where the main problems are.